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Meet the Principal

Jacob Sayre

Welcome Lincoln Loggers!

Hello, my name is Jake Sayre, and I am the principal of Lincoln Middle School. I am entering my 15th year as an administrator, and I have spent my entire career working for Rockford Public Schools.

As the principal of Lincoln Middle School, our goal is to establish a safe and positive learning environment where education serves our students and creates lifelong opportunities. To accomplish our goal, we will develop strong relationships, design meaningful learning experiences, and continue to build the capacity of all our students to enhance their ability to make decisions that will help them be successful.

On a personal level, I attribute my eventual success as a student to one of my former teachers. This particular teacher provided ongoing support and guidance, and as a result, I eventually developed the necessary skills to become a successful student and readily engage in the learning process. Most importantly, the teacher helped instill in me a sense that anything worthwhile takes time and effort.


Jacob Sayre  |